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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The time is never right to start. Life won't usually show you a double door thrown wide open allowing you to level up, to change a habit that is holding you back from a healthier experience, or to go a different direction in your life if you just stand there, undecided.

There is always a life circumstance, event or change in the world around you that will beckon you to reconsider starting something new that deep down, you truly desire. 

“I’ll wait until things settle down,” you tell yourself. “I just want to get past this phase and then it will be clear sailing…a perfect time to start.”  

There will never NOT be things life lays in your path to make you stop, to make you question your judgment.

So what do you do? You take one step forward. Move one square on the game board. You make the appointment, pay the tuition, sign up and show up the first day, you put skin in the game in some way, and just start. That is an act of self-love. Just taking action on your own behalf is self-care.

I can guarantee that you will discover that priorities realign around your bold move. Life itself will shift just a little to accommodate your jostle. It won’t be perfect. Life will test your decision by putting a log in the road just to see if you mean it. 

Determination to persist, allowance to improvise, forgiveness if you hesitate, and patience with the process always move the needle forward. Start!! Keep going!!

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