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 Propel forward as the bold, joyful, and powerful individual you are.


With a magnetic personality, undeniable warmth, and upbeat coaching style, Janet McConnell is a dynamic speaker and presenter who specializes in igniting the fire within audiences and inspiring individuals to take action and rewrite the rules of aging in their own lives.


Through sharing valuable insights, humor, demonstrations, and more, Janet will have your group out of their seats and ready to launch into their best chapter of life yet!



I speak to groups about elements of aging well.

Our lifelines are arbitrary, while our healthy longevity is not. There is a richness in the quality of wisdom, perspective and creativity that wells up when we take the time to honor our own health, banishing self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve.


My Transformation Promise

When people hear me speak, they will be inspired by my personal transformation story and be ready to try actionable steps toward redefining the way they experience aging. They will better understand that we are not defined by our age, but by our attitudes and actions. They will seize the radical promise of aging well.

Audience Takeaways from My Keynote Speech

-Dismantle self-limiting beliefs about what it means to age.

-Supercharge goals with a plan of repeatable, sustainable actions to back them up.

-Rediscover personal resilience as never before.

-Recognize obstacles as trail markers along the right path.

-Recommit to the “marathon” of healthy aging, rather than the “sprint.”

what now?

What now? It’s your life, and there’s too much at stake not to crack this open.

Through our stories and our wisdom, we can figure it out.

I offer my tribe The Radical Promise of Aging Well.

As a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, National Physique Bodybuilding Competitor, and entrepreneur, Janet understands the importance of investing in self-care.


After experiencing a health crisis in her mid-40’s, Janet transformed her body and her life, ditching her high-powered corporate career to become a fitness trainer with a mission to rewrite society’s rules of aging - what it looks like, what it feels like, and what we can do to activate our full potential at any stage of life.

Janet McConnel Ignite Fitness | Body Building Transformation

Rewrite the rules of aging

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